Although concerts are FM1always exciting, there is nothing like the unique experience of seeing your favorite artists on the Today Show at Rockefeller Plaza (and for free!). Planning ahead is essential in making your experience the best possible, so here are some tips to ensure things run smoothly.

1.Keep in the loop about appearances

Make sure to sign up for the Today Show Concert Series Newsletter to receive all of the latest information on which musicians will be making appearances. Usually they are announced a month or more ahead of time, so there is no need to worry about last minute planning.

2. Check your email to sign up for fan passes

Fan Passes are given out electronically based on a lottery system and guarantee a certain amount of people into the show’s viewing area before the general public. You will receive an email to sign up for the chance to win fan passes for specific artists. Make sure to check your spam/junk folder! You usually find out about a week prior to the show if you received the passes, which are for you and one guest.

3. Plan your transportation

Avoid the hassle of tolls and parking in the city and plan your trip with a convenient ride from Martz Luxury! Our luxury vans seat up to 8 people and will make this already exciting experience even more memorable. We can drop you and your group off at your desired location (right at the venue, at dinner before, etc).

4. Arrive early

The Today Show FAQ page suggests getting in line at 5am, which is not a good idea. If you did not receive fan passes, it is best to get in line by at least 2am or earlier. The line will quickly form around the block and Plaza security can only let a certain amount of people into the venue. People even line up the night before, with their sleeping bags or chairs set up on the sidewalk. The time you choose to arrive is primarily up to you and depends on how committed you are to your favorite musician!

5. Wear something comfortable and bring snacks

Wear comfortable shoes and bring a blanket or pillow to sit on. Don’t worry, this is nothing like New Year’s Eve in Times Square. There is a bathroom you are able to use in a deli across the street and a food truck that provides free snacks at around 5:30am. Above all, have fun! You may even get to see the sound check around 6:30am depending on the musician. For more information, visit The Today Show’s website and call us to schedule transportation.