1. It’s more cost effective than flying from certain airports

  • Cost of 4 one way airline tickets to Philadelphia = $1,688
    • Cost per ticket = $422
  • Cost of van service to Philadelphia = $750
    • Cost per person (for 4 people) = $187.50

Major airports such as Philadelphia International and Newark Liberty International offer more options for direct flights and for less. Often, flying from smaller airports consists of higher airline ticket prices due to inconvenient, time consuming layovers. Splitting the cost of the van to major airports with your group can save you money in the long run.

2. Relax before and after your event without worrying about driving

Martz Luxury can drop you off right at the stadium or concert venue where your special event is taking place. Our professional drivers will get you there and home safely (priceless!). Treat yourself to a stress free day out without having to think about navigating through pre and post event traffic.

Our stadium/concert venue picks within a 3 hour distance: Citizens Bank Park, Wells Fargo Arena, Citi Field, Madison Square Garden, Boardwalk Hall, Sands Event Center

3. Navigate easily through the big cities

Shopping in the city? Store your bags in the van as you shop around for the best deals this holiday season. The van will remain close to you for the entire day as you travel from shop to shop, then get dinner before heading back home with all of your new purchases!

Our shopping area picks within a 3 hour distance: Midtown NYC, Greenwich Village NYC, Center City Philadelphia, King of Prussia Mall

4. Vans= Mini offices

With fold out lap tables, smart TV’s for presentation and WIFI, our Mercedes Sprinters can be transformed into a traveling office to help prepare for that big business meeting. Unlike limousines or other confined vehicles, there is plenty of space for staying comfortable. Use the time in the van to prepare for work related travel.

5. Spend more time enjoying the ride with family and loved ones

Watch a movie with the family or play games while our professional driver worries about the traffic and getting you to your final destination on time.